A Medical Device Sales Team Built 2x Stronger Physician Relationships & Simultaneously Generated New Customers with HealthExeData


Campaign Outcome


Stronger customer relationship was created


Emails received responses from existing customers


Leads were turned to customers

Company Overview

Our client is a well-reputed medical equipment company in the industry for over 3 years. They have been providing medical devices in retail and wholesale to the healthcare industry. They have been supplying products to Pharmacies, Hospitals and Clinics.

They are also the trusted company by few leading businesses. They sell products to drug stores, research centers and every leading healthcare facility. The client provides products to small, medium and large scale businesses across the USA.

The Obstacles

  • To expand their business in different states of the USA, the company took up a new line of devices that were highly used by cardiologists in every healthcare setting. This line of devices gave the company the requirement to connect with Cardiologists in precision.
  • They sought to educate cardiologists on their latest Holter monitors, cardiac imaging equipment, and automated external defibrillators
  • They wanted to reach a subset of physicians who had stopped buying their products, but they had incomplete contact information to connect with them that kept them from reaching their existing customers

The Client's Goal

  • To acquire existing customer’s contact information
  • Make more sales of the new products
  • Build stronger customer relationships

HealthExeData's Approach

  • When the client came to us with their objectives, our team of experts made an intense analysis of their market and their products to provide them with the best solution. We could help them with a revised and accurate Database that led them straight to the prospect’s inbox segmented based on geography and other parameters. We could provide them with an all opt-in prospect database that would enable their market outreach. The data provided was comprehensive and entirely based on the business' requirements and objectives.
  • The Client put forward their already existing customer data. Our team of expert data scientist managed to compile all the relevant data, and provide it to them as a ready to you solution. The data contained all the information required for multi-channel campaigns, and could enable building stronger customer relationships.

The Story Draws in New Customers and Appends Existing Data

Before HealthExeData, getting the authentic and targeted data in a short span of time was a head-scratcher

— Michelle Stewart [VP]

Through our healthcare databases, the client was able to connect with leading decision-makers from their niche market that could buy their products. The opt-in data could put the client in a better spot of the prospect's view. This could form for them effective brand recognition in the healthcare industry.

The clients existing customer data was inaccurate and couldn’t be a used for a marketing campaign. With our appending service, we could fill all the missing gaps in their data and cleanse it. We could help them acquire healthy data for successful marketing campaigns.