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Buy medical professionals contact database to find physician, nurses email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and more.

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We compile multiple healthcare sectors, such as physicians, nursing homes, dental practices, and more. Engage more of your target audience using verified email and physician area of specialization, specialty, hospital affiliations, etc.

  • Area of Specialization and Practice Specialty
  • Physician Type: Office Based, Hospital Based, Academic, Research
  • Hospital affiliations, prescribing data, claims data, & much more, all at the individual level
  • NPI/DEA/UPIN/State License Number
  • Geography – National, State, Zip Code, Area Code, etc.
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Dental Equipment and Supply Mailing List 2,936

Diagnostics Laboratories Email List 1,954

Electronic Medical Records Companies 5,814

Health and Fitness Maling List 17,859

Healthcare Agencies Email List 13,781

Healthcare Insurance Email List 29,754

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies 5,439

Laboratory Equipment suppliers Mailing List 7,384

Medical Equipment and Supplies Email Contacts 9,157

Outpatient Care Center Email List 13,941

Pharmaceutical Email Addresses 85,732

Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners Email Database 1.7M+

Social & Rehabilitation Services Mailing List 13,719

Surgical Equipment Manufacturers Email List 3,391

Accountable Care Organization Email List 3,542

Acupuncturist Email List 1,148

Acute-Care Hospital Email Lists 7,254

Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Email List 1,019

ADA Dentist Email Lists 35,754

Addiction Counselors Email List 1,291

Adolescent Medicine Specialist Email List 1,074

Adult Care Facilities Mailing List 2,387

Adult Care Nurse Practitioner Email List 1,129

Adult Health Specialist Email List 1,320

Advanced Practice Nurses Email List 7,834

Aerospace Physicians Email List 4,635

Allergist and Immunologist Mailing Addresses 3,517

Allergy-Immunology Physician Email List 3,517

Allied Health Professionals Email List 17,620

Ambulatory Care Nurses Email List 3,290

Ambulatory Care Pharmacists Email List 2,910

Ambulatory Outpatient Services Email List 11,562

Ambulatory Surgery Center Email List 14,512

Anatomic Pathologist Email List 1,185

Anesthesiologist Email List 87,731

Arthritis Specialists Email Addresses 1,762

Assisted Living Facilities Email List 11,346

Associate Medical Director Email List 2,729

Asthma Specialist Email List 11,354

Athletic Trainers Email List 6,631

Audiologist Email Lists 7,142

Bariatric Physician Email List 2,119

Bariatrician Email List 1,031

Behavior Analyst Email List 1,026

Biomedical Scientist Email List 1,042

Biotechnology Mailing List 3,520

Blood Bank Director Email List 1,059

Blood Banks Email List 3,240

Canadian Hospitals Email List 134K+

Canadian Physicians Email List 271K+

Cancer Centers and Services Email List 3,632

Cardiac Care Nurses Email List 5,311

Cardiologist Email List 35,812

Cardiology Nurse Practitioners Email List 1,174

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Email List 1,320

Cardiovascular Disease Specialist Email List 1,034

Cardiovascular Technologist Email List 1,094

Certified Nurses Email List 61,372

Chemical Pathologist Email List 3,632

Chief Administrator Email List 21,381

Chief Medical Officer Email List 1,736

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Email List 1,061

Chiropractors Email List 24,735

Clinical Laboratory Scientist Email List 1,952

Clinical Laboratory Technician Email List 5,761

Clinical Lipidologist Email List 1,210

Clinical Nurse Specialist Email List 19,674

Clinical Nurses Email List 12,306

Clinical Oncology Email List 1,542

Clinical Radiology Email List 3,741

Colorectal Surgeons Email List 1,072

Community Health Nurses Email List 11,359

Community Pharmacist Email List 2,620

Cosmetologist Email Lists 9,372

Cardiographer Email List 4.6K+

Critical Care Nurses Email List 4,371

Critical Care Specialist Email List 3,671

Dance Therapist Email List 1,632

Dental Assistant Email List 4,835

Dental Clinics Email List 22,769

Dental Equipment Manufacturers Email Addresses 7,532

Dental Hygienist Email List 5,742

Dental Laboratories Email List 17,635

Dental Schools Email List 6,710

Dentist Email Lists 42,276

Dermatologist Email Lists 16,710

Dermatology Nurses Email List 1,054

Diabetes Specialist Email List 3,731

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Email List 2,061

Dialysis Nurses Email Lists 3,162

Email List of Physician Group 95,371

Email List of Student Nurses 19,328

Emergency Medical Technician Email List 2,761

Emergency Medicine Email List 35,741

Endocrinologist Email Lists 9,158

Endocrinology Nurses Email List 1,954

Endodontist Email List 5,937

ENT Nurses Email Lists 1,524

ENT Specialist Email List 4,321

Epidemiologist Email List 4,372

Family Marital Therapist Email List 1,931

Family Medicine Email Lists 96,754

Family Nurse Practitioner Email List 2,278

Family Practitioner Email List 3,632

Gastroenterologist Email List 9,236

General Surgeon Email List 28,761

Geriatrician Email List 2,174

Hand Surgeons Email List 3,742

Health Information Technician Email List 1,621

Health Payer Email Lists 5,731

Hematologist Email List 11,274

Hepatologist Email List 7,832

Home Health Agency Email List 15,732

Hospital Administrators Data 9,620

Hospital Affiliated Physicians Email List 1.2M+

Hospital Decision-Makers Email List 17,782

Hospital Email Lists 371K+

Hospitalists Email List 9,620

Imaging Center Contact Database 9,532

Infection Control Directors Email List 1,029

Infectious Disease Specialist Email List 5,521

Integrated Health Systems Data5,612

Intensive Care Medicine Specialist Email List 6,417

Internal Medicine Mailing List 101,254

Internist Email List 91,452

Laboratory Director Email List 2,179

Licensed Practical Nurses Email List 51K+

Long-Term Care Facilities Database9,620

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist Emails1,526

Massage Therapist Email List 1,734

Medical Assistant Email List 19,634

Medical Billing Companies Email Addresses 4,281

Medical Device Manufacturers Email Contacts 8,534

Medical Director Email List 8,524

Medical Email List 2.6M+

Medical Executives Email List 573,820

Medical Geneticist Email List 2,582

Medical Groups Email List 95,371

Medical Imaging Technologist Email List 3,274

Medical Institutions Email List 17,374

Medical Laboratory Technician Email List 7,812

Medical Office Manager Email List 3,632

Medical Records Director Email List 1,735

Medical Schools Email List 13,674

Microbiologist Email List 1,139

Midwife Nurses Email List 1,620

Naturopathic Physicians Email Contacts 2,371

Neonatologists Email List 2,139

Nephrologists Email List 6,315

Nurse Anesthetist Email List 3.2K+

Neurologists Email List 16,892

Neurology Nurses Email List 1,739

Neurosurgeons Email List 4,710

Nuclear Medicine Email List 1,274

Nuclear Medicine Technologists Email List 1,034

Nurse Anesthetists Email List 1,629

Nurse Practitioners Email List 64,274

Nursing Assistant Email List 33,146

Nursing Homes Email List 534K+

Nursing Professionals Email List 71K+

Nutritionists Email List 2,539

OB/GYN Email List 36,571

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Lists3,627

Occupational Therapist Email Addresses 2,732

Oncologist Email List 11,274

Oncology Nurses Email List 1,742

Ophthalmologist Email List 13,532

Opticians Email List 33,146

Optometrists Email List 30,732

Oral Surgeon Email List 1,837

Orthodontist Email List 5,742

Orthopedic Nurses Email List 2,764

Orthopedic Surgeon Email List 15,187

Orthotics Specialist Email List 1,291

Osteopathic Physicians Email List 1,239

Otolaryngologist Email List 7,961

Pain Management Email List 2,936

Paramedics and EMTs Email List 13,720

Pathologist Email List 12,173

Pediatric Dentist Email List 6,178

Pediatric Nurses Email List 9,027

Pediatrician Email Lists 51,234

Pharmacist Email List 81,457

Pharmacy Email List 30,512

Pharmacy Email Lists 30,512

Pharmacy Executives Email List 71,839

Pharmacy Technician Email List 1,932

Phlebotomist Email List 3,632

Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Email List 3,279

Physical Therapist Email List 39,562

Physician Assistants Email List 61,320

Physician Email Lists 1.7M+

Plastic Surgeons Email List 11,534

Podiatrist Email List 13,752

Preventive Medicine Email List 11,235

Prosthodontist Email List 2,031

Psychiatrist Email List 54,731

Psychologist Email List 27,841

Public Health Doctors Database486K+

Public Health Midwives Email List 1,174

Public Health Nurses Email List 31,745

Pulmonologist Email List 10,320

Radiation Oncologist Email List 1,059

Radiologic and MRI Technologists Email List 3,734

Radiologic Technologist Email List 1,961

Radiologist Email List 24,931

Radiology Directors Email List 1,062

Reflexologists Email List 1,172

Registered Nurses Email List 69K+R

Rehabilitation Specialists Email List 2,562

Respiratory Therapist Email List 1,034

School Nurses Email List 5,820

Speech-Language Pathologist Email List 1,162

Sports Medicine Physician Email Contacts 1,086

Surgeons Email List 31,641

Surgical Specialists Email List 15,258

Surgical Technologist Email List 5,726

Tele Medicine Director Email List 1,038

Urologist Email List 12,561

Vascular Surgeons Email List 2,139

Veterinarian Email List 26,820

Veterinary Nurses Email List 3,746

Women Health Services Email List 36,627

X-Ray Laboratories Email List 7,620

Rheumatologist Email List 5,521

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