A Medical Supplies Company Overcame Financial Loss with HealthExeData Robust Data Solution


Results from the Campaigns


New Supplies sales target was met


Response through a Single Campaign

Company Overview

0ur client was a leading medical supplies company in the USA for over four years. They supplied customers with products of over 20 brands in the industry. Their supplies included everything from footwear, coats, medical devices in cardiology, critical care, pediatric, infant care, stethoscopes, infant, and much more.

They did not limit supply in sizes and locations of orders. They had been supplying their products to multiple healthcare settings and healthcare providers across the USA. They were a trusted company for timely delivery and quality products in the industry and were reliable customers by different healthcare settings.

The Obstacles

  • Mismanaged data had led to unsuccessful marketing within the company, with low number of sales targets met, resulting in financial break-downs
  • The client initiated a product generation strategy, that involved a new line of products for all types of nurses, and that could me sold in wholesale and retail
  • The Client’s product generation strategy was to make up for the loss, but did not have all the marketing needs
  • The client did not have sufficient time to construct a database and market their products, within the two weeks that they wanted

The Client's Goal

  • Sell the new supplies to widespread prospects
  • Acquire a ready-to-use Healthcare prospect database
  • Get effective outcomes from the product generation strategy

HealthExeData's Approach

  • Our team of experts communicated with their teams and came to terms with who their niche customers were. We provided them with the most recently updated email lists to form their foundation with leading nursing schools and leading healthcare facilities that had the highest number of active nurses in the USA in various healthcare settings based on their geographical requirements.
  • The thorough research on their market, helped us construct an all inclusive email list that matched all their business requirements, and was segmented for diverse campaigns
  • We could deliver to them contacts that were revised, verified, and validated, before time

HealthExeData gave us the resources we needed in no time. It formed a huge impact on our marketing outcomes

— Joshua Middleton [Marketing Head]


The client could launch their multi-channel marketing campaign successfully within the set time. Their messages were delivered directly to the prospect's inbox without intermediate intervention or barriers in-between. They could reach the comprehensive set of audience that they aimed at, without fail.

The client could overcome the losses that they previously dealt with effortlessly. The product generation strategy adopted by them was an effective strategy through timely and precise marketing.