Digital Maintenance Technology offered to over 10K Hospitals through HealthExeData Database




New software was sold to old and new customers


Marketing costs were reduced


Old customer relationships were re-established

Company Overview

The client is a leading software company, which provides a large number of varied software to different businesses in the market for over six years. They have also been providing healthcare facilities with PAS [Patient Administration Systems], Operating Theatre Management System, Laboratory Information Management System, Booking Management System, Appointment Management System, and Hospital Costing Systems.

In order to grow in a lackluster economy where growth is a necessity, our client took up a move to establish a new feature in their most sold product. They wanted to add a master patient index to maintain accurate medical data across various departments, which was not part of the old software.

The Obstacles

  • They could not connect with old customers, as their customer data was obsolete.
  • They did not have a database to reach the newest healthcare facilities in the USA.
  • The prospect contact data they required had to be segmented into multiple complex parameters such as geography, size, revenue, and much more.

The Goal

  • To achieve selling the updated Software to a large number of Healthcare Settings
  • To maintain the marketing budget
  • Sell the updated version of the software to old customers

HealthExeData's Approach

  • We could analyze the environment of the client and understand their market. It helped us provide them with a fresh email list based on the complex customization criteria, at highly affordable prices.
  • Their motive to re-engage with old customers who already bought their PAS software was clear. We could help them convert their obsolete and outdated data into an entirely updated and healthy database in a couple of days.

The Data Brought Around Reduced Marketing Costs and Astounding Number of Customers

Our email list supported them in launching a multi-channel campaign that was diversely segmented and categorized. Through the well researched database, our client reached over 100,000 new healthcare settings and received an impressive number of results from the campaigns.

The client could re-engage with their old customers, who already purchased their PAS software, and market their new featured software alongside re-establishing a strong customer bond.