New Age Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Put You on Top

  • October 25, 2023
  • 12 Min Read
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Are you grappling with the challenge of finding innovative ways to promote your dental practice? You're not alone in this endeavor. In the US, there's a substantial number of dental professionals, with 202,536 dentists practicing, which translates to approximately 60.77 dentists for every 100,000 people in the US, creating fierce competition to attract new patients.

So, how can you set your dental practice apart from the crowd? An excellent starting point is leveraging cost-effective marketing resources, but with the vast amount of information available online, navigating through the sea of advice can be a daunting task.

Fret not, as we've taken the initiative to streamline the process for you. In this article, we'll unveil a carefully curated list of ten outstanding dental marketing ideas that will help you not only attract new patients but also foster the growth of your practice. Keep reading to discover these effective strategies.

What is The Significance of an Effective Dental Marketing Campaign?

In the era of the Internet, traditional advertising and marketing methods may appear outdated and ineffective. In today's digital age, services are more likely to be discovered through online search engines, such as Google, rather than relying solely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Consider this: a staggering 77% of individuals now turn to Google to search for healthcare services before making an appointment with a healthcare provider. This statistic speaks volumes about the pivotal role of online presence in the healthcare industry, including dental practices.

effective dental-marketing

Moreover, online customer reviews hold immense credibility, often serving as a gauge for the quality of services provided. This underscores the importance of not only having a strong online presence but also maintaining an authentic digital footprint when promoting your dental practice.

The key question isn't just how to acquire new customers but how to ensure your practice is easily discoverable by prospective patients seeking dental services similar to what you offer.

While you may be a highly skilled and reputable dentist, the absence of a well-thought-out marketing strategy can result in your practice falling behind competitors who have mastered the art of marketing and gaining recognition. By implementing a targeted and focused dental marketing campaign, you can enhance the visibility of your practice, ensuring a consistent influx of patients and contributing to the growth of your business.

After all, a dental practice is not just a healthcare service; it's a professional business establishment. With a modest investment of time and unwavering dedication, you can propel your dental practice forward, securing the recognition and success it rightfully deserves.

Top 10 New Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Put You on Top

revolutionary dental marketing ideas

In the ever-evolving dental industry, maintaining a competitive edge is paramount for the growth and prosperity of your practice. Here are 10 ingenious dental marketing strategies that will leave your practice beaming with success. These tactics are designed to draw in new patients, enhance your online visibility, and foster patient loyalty. Let's explore these strategies in detail!

1. Establish Yourself as A Brand

Crafting a thriving dental brand hinges on the creation of a distinctive identity that sets you apart from your competitors. The first step involves defining the core values, mission, and vision of your dental practice – the message you wish to communicate to your patients. This becomes the foundation for shaping a messaging strategy that deeply connects with your target audience.

how to brand yourself

It's essential to consider the type of patients you aim to attract and tailor your brand's message to address their unique needs and interests. Craft messages that emphasize the tranquil ambiance of your office and how your team is trained to alleviate patient anxieties during their visit. The bedrock of your brand values would encompass unwavering commitments to patient care, kindness, and empathy.

With a consistent and transparent brand identity, you can foster a loyal following while simultaneously attracting new patients who share your values.

2. Go Local with Google Ads

Establishing a strong online presence is essential for businesses, and dental practices are no exception. Google stands as the reigning champion in the realm of online visibility, making Local Google Ads a game-changing tool for dentists.

dentist google ads

Local Google Ads provide a unique advantage by enabling dentists to finely target their advertising efforts. This means you can reach potential patients in your immediate vicinity, whether you're located in a tranquil town or a bustling city. With this tool, you can customize your ad campaigns to engage with those who are most likely to seek dental services at your practice.

What makes Local Google Ads even more appealing is their cost-effectiveness. You have full control over your budget, ensuring that your marketing expenses align with your practice's financial capabilities. You only incur costs when someone clicks on your ad, making it a highly efficient advertising solution.

Running a Local Google Ad elevates your practice's visibility, securing a prime position at the top of Google's search results, prominently marked as an advertisement. This premium placement simplifies the process for potential patients to discover your practice, setting the stage for increased visibility and patient inquiries.

Unlike some traditional marketing methods, Local Google Ads offer immediate results. Once you've set up and launched your campaign, your ads go live, ready to capture the attention of potential patients. This swiftness can prove instrumental in filling your appointment book faster.

The beauty of Google Ads lies in its capacity for providing in-depth data and analytics. Dentists can monitor their campaigns in real-time, enabling ongoing adjustments for optimal performance. This feature ensures that you can pinpoint what works and make informed strategy tweaks accordingly.

Moreover, Local Google Ads are highly customizable. Dentists can tailor their ads to mirror the unique selling points of their practice. Whether you want to emphasize expertise in cosmetic dentistry, promote a friendly and caring approach, or highlight a new patient special, these ads can be adapted to your practice's distinct needs. This ensures that potential patients can easily access your information, even when they're on the move.

3. Build a Website

While patient referrals and word-of-mouth advertising remain valuable for practice growth, in today's competitive landscape, having a professional website is imperative. It should serve as the central hub for all your marketing endeavors.

build a website

When was the last time you updated your website? Does it reflect a contemporary and stylish design, or does it appear outdated? An antiquated website may inadvertently convey that your practice lags behind the times.

Furthermore, your website should be responsive and mobile-friendly. Considering that 52% of patients use smartphones or tablets to access websites, it's essential that your site appears appealing and functions seamlessly on any device.

The role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cannot be overstated in the context of your website. It's what ensures your site secures a high ranking in search results, enhancing its discoverability. In addition to this, high-quality content, including photos, videos, and blog posts, should be integrated into your site to engage and inform visitors.

4. Create Content That Resonates with the Audience

Dispelling common misconceptions, effective internet marketing for dentists transcends search engine optimization (SEO). It revolves around actively engaging your audience through the delivery of valuable, top-notch content, a vital element in establishing trust.

creating dental content

Blogging stands as a primary means of nurturing trust and fostering connections with your website visitors, though it's not the sole avenue. In the forthcoming sections, we'll delve into various strategies. It's pivotal to emphasize that your content should not primarily center on overtly promoting your dental practice; this is where paid advertising comes into play. Instead, your content should be geared towards addressing the typical concerns of potential patients, including:

  • Optimal diets for promoting healthy teeth.
  • Unraveling the implications of bad breath in the context of dental health.
  • Evaluating the most effective solutions for replacing missing teeth.

These subjects can each form the bedrock for crafting content that is not only impactful but also creates a memorable impression on your audience.

5. Social Media Targeting

In today's digital age, social media has transformed into a powerful platform for dental practices to connect with their target audience. However, it's not just about being present on social platforms; it's about effectively reaching the right audience. That's where social media targeting comes into play, offering a level of precision that traditional advertising can't match.

social media targeting

Source: Growth Plug

Why Social Media Targeting Matters?

Social media platforms have amassed an incredible amount of user data, making it possible for businesses to target their ads with astonishing accuracy. It can define your audience meticulously, taking into account factors like demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This precision ensures that your content resonates with individuals who are most likely to be interested in your dental services.

What sets social media targeting apart is its cost-efficiency. By reaching a highly specific audience, you can avoid squandering your marketing budget on individuals who are unlikely to become your patients. This optimization leads to a more cost-effective advertising campaign, making every dollar count.

Moreover, tailoring your content to a particular audience results in improved engagement. When your message aligns with the interests and needs of your target demographic, engagement rates tend to soar. This heightened engagement is a testament to the effectiveness of delivering content that speaks directly to your audience's preferences.

But it doesn't stop there. Connecting with the right audience goes beyond engagement; it fosters trust and brand loyalty. Consistently providing valuable content on social media helps build your practice as a trusted source of dental information. This, in turn, cultivates a sense of loyalty among your audience, ultimately benefiting your dental practice.

If you’re still in doubt, consider these statistics:

6. Research on Keywords

Have you ever performed a Google search with a keyword like 'emergency'? For instance, have you searched for "emergency wisdom tooth extraction Texas at midnight"? If so, did you select one of the first three results that appeared on the screen, or did you spend additional time looking for a different option?

Targeting keywords such as "emergency" or "urgent" presents a straightforward path to attracting clients with immediate needs and strong intent. Just envision the potential return on investment (ROI) for these keywords! However, it's vital to ensure that your practice is fully equipped to handle emergency cases and offers a seamless means for potential clients to get in touch. Failing to do so may result in negative reviews on Google, which can be detrimental to your online reputation.

7. Craft a Distinctive Value Proposition

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a statement that defines what sets your dental practice apart and why it's valuable to your target audience. To craft a compelling USP, you must identify your practice's strengths and discern what distinguishes it from other local businesses. Your USP should be succinct and clear to grab the attention of potential patients.

Consider these innovative approaches to developing a unique selling proposition for your dental practice:

  • Affordable Dentistry: If your practice offers cost-effective dental services, you can use this as your USP. Craft a USP like "Access the dental care you need without straining your budget" or "Affordable dental services without compromising on quality."
  • Personalized Care: If your practice places a strong emphasis on personalized patient care, consider it as your USP. Your USP might read, "We treat you like family, not just another patient" or "Experience personalized dental care that prioritizes your unique needs."
  • Expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry: If your practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, highlight it in your USP. Create a statement like "Achieve the perfect smile you've always dreamed of with our cosmetic dentistry expertise" or "Transform your smile with our top-tier cosmetic dentistry services."
  • Convenient Scheduling: If your practice offers extended hours, weekend appointments, or online scheduling, make it your USP. For instance, "We adapt to your schedule, not the other way around" or "Convenient scheduling tailored to your busy lifestyle."
  • Pain-free Dentistry: If your practice offers pain-free dental treatments through advanced technology, emphasize this. Your USP could be "We ensure a stress-free and pain-free dental experience" or "Advanced technology for a comfortable and painless dental journey."

8. Create Videos And Share It On Social Media

Are you familiar with YouTube and Facebook channels like Mondragon Chiropractic, Doctor Mike, and Antonio J. Webb, MD, among others? These channels are managed by medical professionals who have garnered millions of subscribers and followers, greatly impacting and inspiring their audiences. This significant online presence not only contributes to their personal influence but also has a positive effect on their medical practices.

dental videos

Video content has emerged as a dynamic and compelling tool for dental professionals to connect with their audience. The importance of video creation for dentists cannot be overstated, as it opens up a world of opportunities to engage, educate, and build trust with both current and potential patients.

Video leverages its innate visual impact, effectively bringing to life the inherently visual nature of dental procedures. Dentists can use videos to narrate intricate procedures, unveil striking before-and-after transformations, and offer virtual tours of their practices.

Beyond visual engagement, video content excels in education. Dentists can employ this medium to demystify complex dental concepts, convey the significance of oral hygiene, elaborate on various treatment options, and provide valuable tips for maintaining oral health. Video simplifies the communication of dental information, making it accessible and comprehensible to a wide audience.

However, the value of video extends beyond education; it's a trust-building instrument. Patients inherently place substantial trust in their healthcare providers. Video allows dentists to humanize their practice and themselves, forging a more personal connection with their audience.

9. Optimize for Voice Search

optimize for voice search

The growing prevalence of digital assistants and the surge in voice search usage have created a fresh opportunity to enhance your online visibility. As smart speaker devices become common household items, voice search is on the rise. To tap into this trend, it's essential to integrate long-tail keywords and conversational phrases into your content. Rather than concentrating solely on broad keywords such as "Dentists Melbourne," it's advantageous to incorporate precise expressions like "Locate a dentist in Melbourne CBD." Adapting your SEO approach to accommodate voice search positions you at the forefront of this trend and allows you to draw in users who rely on voice search for their queries.

10. Request for Online Reviews from Patients

online reviews from patients

In the contemporary landscape, online reviews have ascended to a position of significant influence in molding consumer choices, including the selection of a dental practice. The power of positive reviews is indisputable, as they can elevate your online standing and allure new patients. Conversely, negative reviews hold the potential to exert a contrary effect. To harness the potency of reviews, it is pivotal to motivate contented patients to share their experiences on platforms like Google, simplifying the review process for them. The vigilance of your online reputation is essential, and it involves swift responses to both favorable and adverse reviews. Through proactive management of your online reviews, you can cultivate trust, enhance your rankings in search engine results, and ultimately draw a greater number of patients to your practice.

Use Email To Reach Out to Clients

Although email has been a long-standing communication tool since the inception of the internet, email marketing is a relatively recent concept that continues to be explored by marketers globally. The significance of email acquisition for marketers is underscored by several compelling reasons:

  • Personalized Communication: Email provides a channel for personalized, one-on-one communication with both existing and potential customers, nurturing stronger relationships.
  • Long-Term Customer Relationships: Email serves as a cornerstone for nurturing enduring relationships with customers. It offers a means to engage and connect over an extended period.
  • Integral to Inbound Marketing: Email marketing is fundamental to any inbound marketing strategy, especially when lead generation is a pivotal element of success.
  • Increased Engagement: Approximately 77% of marketers have observed a surge in engagement over the past year, attributed exclusively to email marketing techniques.
  • Scalability: Email marketing's scalability enables practical and straightforward automation. With targeted lists, it can effectively reach large audiences across various demographics.
dentist email marketing

While email remains a go-to medium for initiating contact with new clients and sustaining relationships with existing ones, many marketers overlook critical aspects of email marketing.

A common question arises: How do you entice valuable clients to subscribe to your emails? The response to this question unfolds in the following section, where we delve into effective, proven tactics to expand your email list and ultimately generate more leads through email.

Two fundamental components are at the core of email marketing:

  • Building Your Email List
  • Targeting Your Campaign to This List

Expanding your email list is crucial, but it's equally vital to ensure that your messages reach the right recipients at the most opportune moments. Timing plays a pivotal role in the success of email marketing.

The distinction between having 3,000 names on your email list and having 200 potential customers within that list underscores the essence of email acquisition. Sending emails to the wrong audience, those uninterested in your content, risks being marked as spam or overlooked.

The right approach lies in reaching out to individuals who are already interested in what you have to offer, individuals eager to receive and engage with your emails.

Once you've compiled your email list, the next paramount step is devising a strategy to effectively engage this target group through email. The objective is to seamlessly convert this target audience into customers, possibly fostering repeat business and building a robust customer base.

Achieving this goal necessitates an effective strategy that addresses pain points and employs tailored approaches for distinct customer profiles. While this endeavor may seem daunting, investing ample time in comprehensive research often yields substantial dividends in the long run.

The most effective strategy for expanding your email list and ultimately attracting high-value leads is to employ a multi-channel approach when initially reaching out to potential clients. While one of the simplest ways to obtain a list of potential prospects is through a data provider, it's crucial to supplement this method with various other channels and techniques to maximize your success.


Successfully marketing your dental practice is a multifaceted endeavor that demands dedication, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. In a highly competitive landscape, implementing innovative dental marketing ideas is essential to ensure your practice not only thrives but also continues to grow.

As the digital age progresses, the dynamics of marketing are constantly evolving. It's imperative to stay agile, adapt to emerging trends, and explore new avenues for reaching your target audience. The dental marketing ideas presented here serve as a valuable starting point to revitalize your practice's marketing strategy and invigorate your patient base. With these innovative dental marketing strategies in place, you're poised to excel in the modern dental landscape.