A Comprehensive Review: Top 10 Dental Equipment Companies in America

dental equipment companies in usa


When it comes to providing top-notch dental care, the quality of equipment used is paramount. This makes choosing the right dental equipment companies a critical decision for any dental practice. In America, the landscape of dental equipment suppliers and manufacturers is vast and varied, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the top 10 dental equipment companies in the USA, providing insights into what makes each of them stand out in the industry.

1. Danaher Corporation

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

Danaher Corporation, a prominent player in the global science and technology arena, makes a significant impact in the dental sector through its extensive portfolio of brands like KaVo, Kerr, and Nobel Biocare. Each brand brings its specialty to the table: KaVo is celebrated for its precision dental drills and handpieces, Kerr is trusted for its high-quality consumables, and Nobel Biocare leads in the dental implant space. Their relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that dental professionals have access to cutting-edge tools and solutions that enhance patient care.

Company Information

  • Website: www.danaher.com
  • Year of Founded: 1969
  • Market Cap: $187.00 Billion
  • Products Offered: Medical and life sciences instruments, environmental and applied solutions, dental equipment, industrial technologies, product identification solutions, and retail and commercial solutions.

2. Dentsply Sirona

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Dentsply Sirona, a merger of two dental industry leaders, is a beacon of innovation and comprehensive dental solutions. They offer a wide array of products ranging from dental consumables to advanced technological equipment like digital imaging systems and CAD/CAM devices. This fusion has positioned them uniquely as a holistic provider, enabling dental professionals to access a broad spectrum of tools and technologies under one roof. Their commitment to advancing dental practices through innovative products and integrated solutions has solidified their standing as a pivotal force in the dental equipment landscape.

Company Information

  • Website: www.dentsplysirona.com
  • Year of Founded: 1899
  • Market Cap: $7.02 Billion
  • Products Offered: Dental products and technologies including dental implants, prosthetics, endodontic instruments, orthodontic appliances, dental imaging systems, CAD/CAM systems, and dental equipment.

3. 3M Oral Care

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

3M Oral Care stands at the forefront of dental innovation, specializing in products that streamline dental procedures while elevating patient care standards. Their portfolio boasts advanced restorative materials, state-of-the-art adhesives, and groundbreaking digital oral care solutions like intraoral scanners. Known for its dedication to research and development, 3M Oral Care is a leader in introducing novel technologies to the dental field, ensuring professionals have access to the tools needed for modern, effective treatments.

Company Information

  • Website: www.3m.com
  • Year of Founded: 1985
  • Products Offered: Dental products including dental adhesives, dental cements, dental impression materials, dental bonding agents, orthodontic products, dental sealants, restorative materials, and dental infection control products.

4. Henry Schein, Inc.

Location: Melville, New York, United States

Henry Schein, Inc. stands out as a titan in the dental supply industry, serving dental and medical professionals globally with a vast selection of equipment and supplies. With an inventory that spans products from more than 1,200 manufacturers, they are a one-stop shop for dental practices looking for everything from everyday consumables to the latest technological advancements. Henry Schein not only delivers on product variety but also enhances dental practice operations through innovative technology solutions and specialized services, making them an indispensable resource for efficient and profitable dental practice management.

Company Information

  • Website: www.henryschein.com
  • Year of Founded: 1932
  • Market Cap: $9.64 Billion
  • Products Offered: Healthcare products and services, including dental supplies, medical supplies, veterinary supplies, and pharmaceutical products.

5. Patterson Companies, Inc.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Patterson Companies, Inc. excels in the realm of dental and animal health, providing an expansive catalog of dental equipment and consumables. Esteemed for their commitment to exceptional customer service, Patterson ensures dental practices can find everything from state-of-the-art digital imaging solutions to essential dental chairs and cabinetry. Their dedication to fostering long-lasting relationships with dental professionals through robust support networks sets them apart, positioning Patterson as a vital ally in enhancing dental care delivery.

Company Information

  • Website: www.pattersoncompanies.com
  • Year of Founded: 1877
  • Market Cap: $2.43 Billion
  • Products Offered: Dental equipment, dental supplies, veterinary equipment, veterinary supplies, and other related products and services.

6. Planmeca Oy

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Planmeca Oy distinguishes itself in the American dental industry by delivering an array of cutting-edge dental equipment. Their innovative offerings include sophisticated dental units, comprehensive digital imaging solutions, and pioneering CAD/CAM systems alongside advanced software for digital dentistry. Known for their commitment to incorporating the latest digital technologies, Planmeca facilitates enhanced efficiency and precision in dental care. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of dental technology ensures that dental professionals are equipped with the tools necessary for the future of dentistry.

Company Information

  • Website: www.planmeca.com
  • Year of Founded: 1971
  • Products Offered: Dental units, imaging systems (such as panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT scanners), CAD/CAM systems, dental chairs, intraoral scanners, dental software, and other related products and services for dental professionals.

7. BIOLASE, Inc.

Location: Irvine, California, United States

BIOLASE, Inc. specializes in revolutionizing dental care with its advanced laser technology. Their innovative systems are tailored for a multitude of dental procedures, offering significant advantages including minimal discomfort and faster recovery for patients. The company's focus on harnessing the power of laser for dental treatments empowers practitioners to enhance their service offerings, ensuring a more pleasant experience for patients. Through BIOLASE's pioneering laser solutions, dental practices are able to adopt more efficient, less invasive treatments, aligning with the modern expectations of patient care.

Company Information

  • Website: www.biolase.com
  • Year of Founded: 1987
  • Market Cap: $3.08 Billion
  • Products Offered: Waterlase dental lasers, including the Waterlase Express™, Waterlase iPlus™, and Epic X™, designed for a variety of dental procedures such as cavity preparation, soft tissue surgeries, and periodontal treatments. Additionally, they offer products like the Epic Hygiene™ diode laser for hygiene procedures and the Diolase 10™ soft tissue diode laser.

8. Midmark Corporation

Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States

Midmark Corporation distinguishes itself within the dental industry through its commitment to developing operatory equipment that prioritizes functionality and patient comfort. Their product lineup, including state-of-the-art dental chairs, units, lighting, and cabinetry, focuses on enhancing the overall dental treatment experience. Additionally, Midmark's advancement into digital diagnostics demonstrates their dedication to integrating innovative solutions that streamline practice workflows and elevate care quality, making them a valued partner for dental practices aiming to optimize their operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Company Information

  • Website: www.midmark.com
  • Year of Founded: 1915
  • Products Offered: Medical equipment and solutions, including examination tables, medical chairs, sterilization equipment, diagnostic devices, dental equipment, and workflow solutions tailored for healthcare providers.

9. A-dec, Inc.

Location: Newberg, Oregon, United States

A-dec, Inc. shines in the dental equipment sector with its array of robust and efficient offerings. Their lineup, known for enhancing dental office operations, includes top-tier dental chairs, sophisticated delivery systems, and ergonomic lights and cabinetry designed to facilitate smoother dental procedures. A-dec's focus on innovation and quality underscores their dedication to improving both practitioner performance and patient experience in the dental chair. Their products stand as a testament to their commitment to advancing dental practice capabilities through thoughtful design and reliability.

Company Information

  • Website: www.a-dec.com
  • Year of Founded: 1964
  • Products Offered: Dental equipment and dental office furniture. Their product line includes dental chairs, dental delivery systems, dental lights, dental stools, dental cabinets, and other dental accessories.

10. Carestream

Location: Rochester, New York, United States

Carestream Dental stands at the cutting edge of transforming dental practices with its superior digital imaging and software solutions. Their innovative portfolio includes state-of-the-art digital X-ray machines and comprehensive CBCT scanning systems, coupled with pioneering digital scanners designed to enhance diagnostic precision and treatment planning. Additionally, their sophisticated practice management software is tailored to optimize office efficiency and patient engagement. Emphasizing the shift towards digital dentistry, Carestream Dental equips professionals with the tools necessary for a seamless, more efficient practice, establishing itself as an essential ally in the digital evolution of the dental industry.

Company Information

  • Website: www.carestream.com
  • Year of Founded: 2007
  • Products Offered: Medical imaging systems such as X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound systems, dental imaging equipment, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS), and healthcare IT solutions.

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